David Bowie fans sign petition to stop Kanye West tribute album!



Kanye West's plan to make a David Bowie tribute album hasn't gone down very well with the 'Starman's fans!

Rumours surfaced earlier this week that Kanye wanted to sample and re-work some of the legends biggest tunes.

However, after just 24 hours a petition has had over 5000 signatures from fans that are not impressed!

Kanye did reveal during a tweet following David Bowie's death last week that he was a big fan of his... calling him an 'inspiration'!


Oh well Kanye, at least you have 'Swish' to keep you occupied... his eighth studio album is set to be released next month!


Elsewhere, Kanye is the only artist to be foiled in his attempts to feature David Bowie on a track. It has been revealed that Coldplay were once knocked back by the Starman... because he described their song as 'not very good'!



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