Justin Timberlake is NOT happy after being slapped at event!


Golf is the ultimate marmite sport... you either love it or you hate it!

We were like 'meh'... but celebs like Niall Horan and Justin Timberlake seem to enjoy it so we're down for that!

However, it looks like JT might want to spend less time on the course after a fan got a bit too keen this week at his golf tournament!

Each year, Justin attends the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament in Nevada to test his skills against the pros and raise lots of money for charity.

It was during the event, whilst walking to the next hole that a fan reached over JT's many bodyguards to give him a slap across the back of his head!

Obviously Justin was NOT happy about this... which leads us to ask the question, why would you do that?!

Anyway, here's the vid of JT getting slapped!

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