Justin Timberlake admits that his music is too explicit for his son!

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Justin Timberlake has revealed that his music is too EXPLICIT for his son Silas!

Speaking to Closer magazine, JT said "I can't play Silas a lot of my music yet because it is explicit," he added "I had a parent come up to me a couple of years ago and say, 'my eight-year-old loves 'SexyBack',' and I was like: 'You're a terrible parent! 'SexyBack' is not meant for your eight-year-old. You should feel bad about yourself!'"

Justin's wife Jessica Biel gave birth to their son in 2015 so it is quite understandable... however one song that we know Silas has heard is 'Can't Stop The Feeling'.

JT recently admitted that the 2016 smash hit, which was written for the Trolls movie, was also written for his son and he received a Grammy award for it on Sunday evening.

Justin is currently writing and recording music for an upcoming album... which we're guessing Silas won't hear for a while yet!

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