The NHS choir have been signed by Justin Bieber's record label!


It was one of our FAVOURITE festive stories from the last few years... but this tale isn't looking on ending just yet!

The NHS Choir warmed our hearts last Christmas when their single 'A Bridge Over You' beat Justin Bieber to number 1.

Now, we should say that Biebs did tweet support for them and encouraged his followers to but the single... but it was still an impressive feat!

But, despite achieving their goal of reaching number 1 and raising lots of money for charity... the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir look like they're not finished!

The Choir have signed a record deal with Decca Records to make a WHOLE album of tunes!

And the super interesting part... Decca are with Universal Music who have a certain Justin Bieber signed to them!

Maybe we could be hearing a collaboration?!

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