Justin Bieber pokes fun at himself with new emoji range!


The eggplant and monkey emojis are OUT... introducing the 'Justmoji'!

Justin Bieber has followed in Kim Kardashian's fancy footsteps by releasing his own range of emojis... calling them 'Justmojis'!

Get it?!

There's images to send to your mates when it's too hot, too cold, when you're tired and many more... but the best thing of all is that Biebs clearly has a sense of humour with some of the other emojis that he's revealed!

There's an emoji for when, like Justin, you just gotta pee and do it in public!

How about when you tell you have to tell your fans not to take selfies with him?! Yup, there's an emoji for that!

He's thought of everything!

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