Justin Bieber is making enemies not friends!

Justin Bieber RESIZE


It seems Justin has upset one of the biggest fighters!

And he certainly won’t be leading him into the ring and cheering him on from the first row at the weekend.  

Floyd Mayweather has branded Justin as a ‘traitor’ after he was unfollowed by the singer on Instagram. 

Since Justin joined the church, he turned to the organisation for advice and guidance and apparently the word of advice he has been given is to step away from bad influences in his life. 

Now we aren’t saying this is the reason he unfollowed Floyd however the fighting champ certainly isn’t happy about it. 

Mayweather allegedly went ‘insane’ and called Bieber a ‘traitor’ especially as the boxer was one of the singer’s main supporters during his bad spell. 

Wonder if he’ll call Mayweather up and ask ‘can we still be friends?’ 

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