Justin Bieber calls The Weeknd's music 'whack'!



Yup, the drama surrounding Selena Gomez and The Weeknd's relationship is NOT going away!

The pair are said to have a 'sexy and flirty relationship' and reportedly talk every day however, it's Selena's ex Justin Bieber who has been having his say on her new bae!

Justin has already said that he thinks the relationship is only to promote The Weeknd's new album but don't be expecting him to have a listen to it as he's described The Weeknd's music as 'whack'!

The relationship shocked the showbiz world when they were first seen together earlier this month, but since then all the talk has been from ex's and commentators! 

As well as Biebs, The Weeknd's ex is said to be upset that her friend Selena has broken 'girl code' and warned him against her!

But, the pair are said to be happy with a source claiming 'As of now, they are just having fun and enjoying each other.'

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