Justin Bieber calls in sick for court hearing before drinking with pals!

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Justin Bieber is in hot water again after it appeared that he claimed to be too sick to attend a court hearing... but ended up drinking with his mates!

Biebs was due in court to contest singer Casey Dienel's claim that he stole portions of her 2014 song 'Ring The Bell' for his hit 'Sorry'... however, his lawyer emailed to say he was 'ill' and would not be attending!

But, Justin posted a photo on his newly re-installed Instagram page having some drinks with his mates (which he later deleted)... come on Biebs, if you're going to phone in sick at least make it believable!

Dienel's lawyers were NOT happy with Justin's apparent lack of respect for the case as it says in court documents that they said 'Justin Bieber is not above the law,'... they added, 'Hours after skipping the deposition, Defendant Bieber posted pictures on his Instagram page toasting a drink with friends - implicitly celebrating that he has violated the law, the respect for this Court, and the respect for all the parties and counsel who flew to California to accommodate Defendant Bieber,'

Whoops... oh Justin!

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