Justin Bieber nearly appeared on Kanye West's album!


Just imagine the scenes if this had happened!

Apparently Justin Bieber nearly collaborated with Kanye West on Yeezy's new album 'The Life of Pablo'!

According to one of the producer's who worked on the tune 'Ultralight Beam', Justin almost appeared on the song which kicks off the album!

Talking about a phone call between Kanye and Justin, he said...

"Justin hops on the phone and is like, 'Tell Yeezy whatever he needs I got it'. So Justin comes through and we vibed on that. And then Ye went right in. Ye was like, 'Let's all catch a freestyle'.

"There weren't that many words, more so vibes and patterns. Then Justin got on the mic and sang some a cappella. It was free flow. It was creativity."

This would have been INCREDIBLE!

But, it didn't happen... I suppose Justin hasn't had a bad 12 months without it!

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