John Newman says Calvin Harris 'Doesn't Need Anybody' after Taylor Swift break-up!


John Newman must be sick of answering questions on his buddy Calvin Harris' relationship status!

So, we were surprised that after so many 'no comment's... he's actually come out and given his ACTUAL opinion!

John and Calvin were last seen together on a boat in Mexico as they filmed the video for his single 'Ole'... which Calvin reportedly wrote about his break-up with Taylor Swift!

Speaking to The Sun, John Newman explained 

"He doesn't need anybody. His emotions are so strong, he's so strong minded. He's a one-man train who is never going to stop. The limits are literally endless for him.

"What he's done is nothing compared to what he can do. That's the scary thing, how far this really could go for him."

Well, there we go... if anyone knows how Calvin Harris is then it's going to be John Newman!

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