James Corden & Niall Horan's bromance continues as they make 'Candy' music video!



We're kinda in love with the Niall Horan X James Corden bromance right now!

The pair have been exchanging tweets before Niall pretty much spent the whole week on James' 'Late Late Show' in the US!

Niall appeared on the couch on Wednesday, where he performed his new single 'This Town' and was made to eat a salmon smoothie! (Below)



Niall had a much more pleasant experience on Thursday when he teamed up with James Corden for his debut solo music video!

Well, kinda!

Niall and James teamed up for a spoof music video called 'Candy' where they dress up as sweets and go trick and treating!

However, Niall had a much more enjoyable end to the night than James after having a bigger Hersheys bar... if you know what we mean!

Check it out below!