James Arthur lays into Ed Sheeran, Zayn and Justin Bieber!

James Arthur RESIZE


James Arthur has made some pretty outlandish claims about some of the music industry's biggest names!

James, who won the X Factor in 2012, was chatting with The Sun when he told reporter Emma Brankin that he thinks that Zayn and Justin Bieber have been listening to his music and "basically wanna be me".

He confessed that he wanted to have a more sexy sound for his next album but was tipped off by Zayn's One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson that he had been 'lurking' and listening to his music!

Zayn and Biebs were not the only artists to feel the wrath of Arthur as he also claimed that the likes of Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith all had 'support' whilst he had to struggle!

“I’m not saying none of these guys are talented, but people think Ed Sheeran crawled off a couch and lived on the street or something but him, Ellie Goulding they all come from Suffolk, Surrey, Richmond . . . they come from support.”

He continued: “I think Sam Smith’s dad got a huge loan or something to help his career. Those things can help artists get attention but I guess my song ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ proved it’s about the song.”

James made the comeback of ALL comebacks last year when he released his number 1 single and has just announced a UK arena tour for later this year!

One bit of positive news for James Arthur was that he confirmed on Saturday evening that he managed to pocket £1600 after backing 'One For Arthur' at the Grand National on Saturday!

Remember who has been playing your tunes, James!

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