More info on solo Harry Styles music is here... and it's exciting!


Solo Harry Styles music seems to be the only thing keeping us going at the moment!

We're still in mourning about the 1D hiatus and the lads aren't doing much to keep our craving down.

        Liam and Louis are busy playing happy families, Niall is busy doing his golf stuff and Harry Styles is making a movie!

Guys, we understand you're on a break... but come on, we're desperate over here!

Well, we won't have to wait much longer. It was revealed last month that Hazza had signed a solo record deal with Columbia Records... and now we've been given EVEN MORE info!

Thanks guys!

So, what do you actually get for the reported $80 million that Columbia have spent on securing Harry Styles?!


Yes, reports are saying that we'll get three albums worth of solo music from Mr Styles but it how many albums would he need to sell for that to be worth while for Columbia?!

Let HITS Daily Double explain more, 'Spinners are spinning that Apple supposedly offered $25m for one album, which set the bar high and drove up the offers to the extent that the winning bid was in the $75-80m range for three albums.

Such a deal would have a break-even point of 5m units worldwide, not including marketing costs or streaming income.'

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