Was THIS pre-recorded Fifth Harmony performance the last with Camila?!



It was quite an emosh end to 2016 for Fifth Harmony fans after Camila announced that she was leaving the group!

It led to a lot of statements and rumours with fans split over who they were supporting!

Well, the dust has now settled as Camila looks set to continue her pursue of a solo career and the rest of 5H preparing to make new music as a four-piece!

However, as we look ahead to a new dawn it was US presenter Ryan Seacrest who gave us the chance to enjoy Fifth Harmony (including Camila) for one last time.

The band had pre-recorded a performance for the annual 'Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve' which was aired as New York counted down to 2017.

We see Camila front and centre as the girls perform their 2016 smash hit 'Work From Home'!

Check it out below... it's got us all teary!

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