Justin Bieber has annoyed some huge stars when he cancelled his meet & greets!


Remember when Justin Bieber cancelled his 'meet & greets', and then replaced himself with a cardboard cut-out?!

It annoyed quite a lot of people!

And, it wasn't just us normal fans who were miffed off (well, as normal as paying $2000 to meet him can be)... it's also annoyed one of the biggest girl-group in the world!

It turns out that Fifth Harmony were looking forward to going backstage and catching up with Biebs... "We went to his concert the other week and I was hoping for a meet and greet. I don't know what happened."

So, Ally was a bit upset... but don't worry, the girls are still beliebers!

Dinah added, "People expect you to be a superhero and a perfect person when you've got this platform. JB is such a cool dude. It's stressful to be as successful as he is."

Awh! Fifth Harmony are staying classy as usual!

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