Elton John: Ed Sheeran will have a long career!


Ed Sheeran was raised by Elton John during the Ivor Novello awards in London last night.

The legendary singer told Sheeran that he expects him to have a career as long as his own, Elton's first number 1 single was in 1976!

I have a vested interest in him becasue my company manages him," Elton told the crowd when introducing Sheeran. "He's a delight to work with becasue he has so much enthusiasm for what he does".

"But this boy next to me will have a career - if he wants to - as long as mine. I am quite confident about that. I hope he doesn't get into half the trouble I got into, and he'd have to marry a man and a woman!".

The comments came after Ed Sheeran appeared on the US Red Nose Day singing with Kermit The Frog!


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