The ‘Galway Girl’ video is HERE!

Ed Sheeran RESIZE


In 2017, Ed’s given us 3 new singles, a new album and even a tour!

And now he’s finally released the official music video for his third single...Galway Girl! 

The video was filmed from Ed’s perspective in Galway, Ireland and features actress Saoirse Ronan!

We love this cleverly shot video!

During filming Ed decided he wanted a tattoo of the song's title in Saoirse Ronan’s handwriting...

However he revealed that the actress deliberately misspelt it and Ed now has ‘Galway Grill’ on his arm!

Isn't this the sort of prank the man himself would play on someone?

Also, It makes us wonder if all of Ed’s nights out are like this one?

Watch the video below!



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