Is this noughties star set to support Ed Sheeran on tour?!

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Ed Sheeran has certainly OWNED 2017 so far!

After the grim year we had in 2016, Ed has cheered us all up with two new singles and a tour/album announcement!

Last week, Ed confirmed that his arena tour is due to start in March with a stadium tour booked in for 2018.

Ed will be performing tracks from his 'Divide' album which is released next month that will feature the two singles that top the Big Top 40 chart, 'Castle On The Hill' and 'Shape Of You'!

However, the question on everyones lips is who will have the honour of supporting Ed on his tour... and according to The Sun it's set to be a big noughties star!

James Blunt has been known more recently for his fantastic comebacks to trolls on Twitter but he's set to make a return to music with a new album that Ed Sheeran helped him write!

We are SO DOWN with an Ed Sheeran / James Blunt collab on stage!

Check out Ed Sheeran talking about his time off on Total Access below!

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