Ed Sheeran's Made A Dance Track!

#TotallyTrending Tuesday 2nd September


Forget the acoustic guitar, Ed Sheeran & Martin Garrix are working on an electric dance track called 'Rewind Repeat It'! 

The singer uploaded a picture of the pair in the studio along with the caption: "Finished up my very first EDM song with Martin Garrix, brilliant experience, looking forward to you all hearing it."

When asked about the hook-up, Garrix said "I met him in Los Angeles and we started talking and hanging out and I sent him a chord progression with synths and he came back with an amazing topline on it," 

"I learnt how to work more with a poppy vocal, a different kind of vocal. Me as a house artist is not really used to a vocal like what he gave to me. It was very challenging but I'm super excited for this record."



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