Ed Sheeran to star in new TV Series!

He's everybody's favourite ginger, and one of the most successful male singers in the history of music, but it appears Ed Sheeran is bored of music!

Ed's set to appear in a brand new TV show which he describes as 'Really Really Dark'.

Having previously said he wanted to star in 'Game of Thrones', Ed asked one of his friends who is writing a new TV series, if he could have a starring role... they happily obliged!

Ed said "I have an acting job coming out after July."


He added: "I can't say too much about it because the pilot just got picked up, which is good, but it's a TV show.

"It's a medieval TV show and it's really, really dark. It's gruesome and it's going to be fine because my friend wrote it."

We can't wait to see this!

Ed's new video for 'Photograph' show him growing up throughout the years.




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