Ed Sheeran to perform at the Brits!

Ed Sheeran RESIZE


Ed Sheeran has certainly OWNED 2017 so far, hasn't he?!

The singer made his return after a year away when he released TWO new singles in January which went straight to the top of the charts!

Add to that the announcement of an arena tour and a new album... it's been a busy old start to the new year for Ed!

And now, 2017 is set to get even busier as Ed Sheeran is confirmed to be performing at the Brits!

He's set to join the likes of Bruno Mars, Robbie Williams and Little Mix on stage at the event at the end of February and has promised that it will be a "very special moment"!

It's going to be a BIG night as all these huge artists try and out-do each other!

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