Ed Sheeran reveals his tour will start in March!

Ed Sheeran RESIZE


For a man who took a year out of the limelight in 2016… Ed Sheeran is certainly making up for lost time this year!

Since he dropped two brand new singles, which went in at 1 & 2 on the Big Top 40, he’s not been out of the news as he promotes around the world.

Ed told Elliot Holman on Total Access how he gained and then lost nearly 4 stone during his year off as he carried on his diet of beer and pizza… without being able to burn it off on stage.

So, get used to seeing a lean Ed Sheeran because he has announced that he WILL be touring this year and it’s set to start in March.

Speaking to MTV he said, "March. Pretty soon after the album. I don't know when we're coming with dates but I know we're coming with dates soon.

"I definitely know it starts in March, in Europe."

Ed Sheeran announced recently that his new album ‘Divide’ will be released in March, however it would have been a lot sooner if it wasn’t for Donald Trump’s Presidential election victory in November.

Good decision Ed, we think our attention was else where at that point.

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