Ed Sheeran offends Adele at dinner party!



There's only one man who could insult Adele... and we still love him!

Ed Sheeran!

Our favourite ginger popstar made the error at a dinner party when he bragged about his new Motorola flip phone!

Adele's phone in the video for her comeback single 'Hello' was one of the most talked about things of 2015... everybody knew about it, apart from Ed!

"I'm getting rid of my phone and all my numbers. I bought a Motorola flip phone. She wasn't happy about that," Ed said.

Adele's response?

 'Is that some sort of f**king joke?'


Luckily, Ed revealed that someone did explain that he hadn't seen the video... probably making him the only person in the country who hasn't seen it!

Well, Ed... here it is below!


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