Ed Sheeran might make you chuck up with his plans for Red Nose Day!


In all the excitement of the One Direction hiatus, we seem to have forgotten about Ed Sheeran!

Ed announced last year that he was going to take a year off to travel the world... and in doing so, he will not be using ANY social media!

However, Ed has taken a mini-break from his... well, break to confirm his plans for the US version of Red Nose Day!

Last year, Ed sang 'Rainbow Connection' with Kermit The Frog... but he's going to have a bit of trouble re-creating that when he's on the other side of the world!

So, what can you do for charity whilst you're travelling around Japan?!

"I'm gonna eat [fermented beans and sea snails] in a red tutu if you raise more than last year. I'm not looking forward to it".

Well, it is for charity!

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