Ed Sheeran is planning the BEST wedding ever!

Ed Sheeran resize 2017


Ed Sheeran has been very open lately about the possibility of marrying his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn... so much so that he's already planning the wedding food!

And, we think he has it SPOT ON!

Ed made his comeback to music in January and has admitted that despite missing his girlfriend whilst on a promo tour, he has kept in contact through her sending him videos of their cats!

The pair are childhood sweethearts and rumours of Ed popping the question are rife with him hardly denying that he's not ready to settle down!

But, in an interview with the Daily Star, Ed has been talking about his dream wedding... and we're kinda hoping for an invite as it sounds AMAZING!

As you can imagine, Ed is wanting a low-key wedding but his guests sure won't be going hungry!

"You have the wedding and everyone stands around for a while drinking champagne and there's no food and everyone gets really, really drunk at like two o'clock,"

He added, "I would have the wedding mid-afternoon and then just have food trucks. Like have fish and chips, pizza, jerk chicken. As soon as the wedding is over, people grab a beer and grab finger food and there's no fancy meal.

"You just eat on a lawn somewhere, because no one wants the fancy meal. Everyone wants dirty, like fries in a bag."


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