Does this tattoo prove that Drake & Rihanna are a thing?!


The whole world seems to be keeping their fingers crossed that Drake & Rihanna will eventually become a thing... but have they just given their BIGGEST hint that they're in a relationship?!

A lot can happen in a week, Drake was the joke of the internet after Rihanna pied him off on stage at the VMAs on Sunday but after she was more forthcoming a few days later it seems like the pair have set tongues wagging!

There's been no confirmation from either Drake or Rihanna, but it looks like Rhi-Rhi has just given us a HUGE hint by getting a tattoo of a certain shark!

Why a shark, you ask?!

It's all to do with this photo that was posted to Instagram recently!


Notice the shark that the pair are cuddling up to... case closed?!

We'll be keeping our eyes on this one!

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