Demi Lovato quits social media after rant... but then returns a day later!


Demi Lovato sensationally quit social media after a Twitter rant on Monday evening!

However, returned less than 24 hours later!

You maybe reading this and thinking... so what?!

But it was a HUGE story over a mad Tuesday in showbiz.

Her accounts had not been deactivated, but Demi seemed to just disappear from social media until she made a return, in the only way Demi knows how!


It all started after Demi seemed to throw shade at Mariah Carey on Instagram whilst reacting to a meme involving Mariah and Ariana Grande!


*taps #DemiLavato on the shoulder* what's Tea ?

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Of course, this was picked up and the internet went into over-drive!

Normally celebs would try and distance themselves from the comment, maybe claim their account was hacked... not Demi, she was standing by the comment and had left social media because of it!



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