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REVEALED: What did Liam buy Cheryl for her birthday?

Remember when Liam changed his instagram photo to him and Cheryl?! It sparked off one of the biggest rumours known in the celebrity world!

Now, a few months down the line, the pair are officially dating and things are getting very serious!

As in any relationship, your partner doesn't love you unless they spoil you rotten on your birthday, so what did Liam get our Chezza for her 33rd birthday. (33!?!)

Well, what do you buy the woman who has everything? (Including a member of 1D FFS!)

Payno treated Cheryl by paying a 'sizeable amount' of money into her charity.

Tweedy's charity is partnered with The Princes Trust and helps at risk youths in Newcastle, her home town.

We've just decided to set up a charity... we'll send you our account number and sort code, Liam!

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