Louis Walsh tells Cheryl to 'Go Away'!


Louis Walsh, remember him?!

Course you do! He's in-between comebacks to the X Factor (Not confirmed but it's only a matter of time!) and has had his say on last year's show.

He claims that Simon Cowell will be regretting some of the decisions that he made that had the last series of the talent show the worst rated series to date!

"Simon has already said he wished he hadn't let me go," Louis claimed. "He wanted to bring me back in the middle of the last series, but I thought it would be odd with five judges.

"I wouldn't go back unless it was the right people."

Interesting... but Louis did not stop there!

He also had some words for Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (or whatever we're calling her now)!

"Cheryl needs a rest," he said "She's lost a bit of energy. She should go away, make a record and maybe record another hit."


Maybe he's after her job!

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