Could Cheryl & Liam Payne be about to tie the knot?!


It's the whirlwind celebrity relationship that has got us all hooked... but is this story about to get more interesting?!

Cheryl (whatever surname she is using) and Liam Payne revealed that they were dating after Christmas... and have been inseparable every since!

But now it looks like this love story is about to have a happy ending, well according to Liam's cousin anyway!

Ross Harris (appeared on The Voice but more famous for being Liam's cuz) has had his say on the relationship and thinks that we could soon be hearing wedding bells!

"​It's quite funny that the other One Direction guys are dating really young models and he's gone for the mature relationship – but she still looks like a model.

"​He's done well! She's obviously very famous and very nice looking. ​They'll probably be married in a few weeks, it's that kind of vibe."

Keep your eyes peeled on Cheryl's wedding finger!

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