Camila has been on an unfollow spree!

Camila Solo RESIZE


So it’s been 8 months since Camila left Fifth Harmony… not that we are counting! 

And since then there has been A LOT of drama between the 5 girls and more has just been started!

It seems some fans did some digging over the weekend and discovered that Camila has unfollowed not only the band account but the individual accounts of Dinah, Lauren, Normani and Ally. 

Maybe she wanted to get even with the band after they threw some shade at her recently ‘Let’s just say we’re in a better place now – there are no secrets in this circle.’ 

However they haven't been the only ones throwing shade at Camilla, Dinah's aunt has also shared her opinion on the matter and she certainly didn't hold back...which fans defended the singer and the tweet then got deleted. 

We don’t think Camila will be following them back anytime soon! 

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