Love Island Marcel wants a Blazin' Squad reunion!

If you're watching the stupidly addictive, nonsense TV show 'Love Island', you'll know all about Dr. Marcel. 

From day 1, he's been a true gent. There for his boys, looking after the girls and treating Gaby like a princess.

But did you know... he used to be in Blazin' Squad?!

Of course you did, he bangs on about it constantly. However, it is now official... he wants to get the lads back together!

Speaking in the show's Beach Hut to the cameras he teased:

"Obviously I'll come out of here and we'll probably do some gigs but I don't know whether or not it'll be the full 10, but you never know."

He added: "You might get lucky and we might do a one-off but I'm throwing it out there. It's not a definite but there's possibilities in the near future that might happen.

"But there's also possibilities that in the near future we could all get back together and do a couple of songs – maybe do an album," he continued. "You got to give us time mate. Everyone's doing their own little things."

He concluded: "It's a patience game, man. Getting 10 people together is really hard these days."

We know for a fact, there will be record labels queuing up to give the boys a deal and let's be honest, they'll be on stage at horrific night clubs all across the UK for the next few months!

As for Love Island... Marcel to win?

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