Is Beyonce set to perform at the Grammys!



In case you're doing an Ed Sheeran year long social media blackout then we're guessing that you heard Beyonce is expecting twins!

Queen B announced the news on her Instagram page on Wednesday with a photo that has gone on to be the most liked picture EVER on the social media website!

She confirmed that she is expecting twins with her husband Jay Z... however, despite the news it looks like Beyonce might not be ready to go on maternity leave just yet!

The Grammys are the biggest night in US music and takes place at the end of the month with Beyonce up for nine awards including Album of the Year!

According to Entertainment Tonight, it looks like Beyonce could actually be performing as well on stage with her Dad Matthew suggesting she was 'tired' due to preparing the performance!

Yup, 2 days after announcing that she's pregnant with twins... Beyonce could be grinding it up at the Grammys!

This will definitely be interesting!

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