Beyonce turned down 'awful' Coldplay song!


You know when you have to be honest with your mates... and it's dead awkward?!

Yeah, that's happened with Coldplay and Beyonce!

Beyonce and Chris Martin are unseparable at the moment after they released 'Hymn For The Weekend' and performed at the Superbowl... however, friends sometimes need to tell each other some home truths!

Chris Martin has revealed that he was once pied off by Queen Bee when he asked her to collaborate on one his tunes!

He approached Beyonce to join up on Coldplay's tune 'Hook Up'... and it's safe to say she wasn't keen!

"In the sweetest possible way, she told me, 'I really like you - but this is awful',"

Ouch! Chris Martin has certainly been honest in his interview with Rolling Stone!


Moments after Beyonce came off stage at the Superbowl she announced her world tour!


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