Apple Announce New 'Apple Watch'

#TotallyTrending Tuesday 6th September

Having announced the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus just 10 minutes previous, Apple are currently presenting their new 'Apple Watch' to the world at a special event in the Flint Center, California.

Boasting about it's 'Seamless Integration' with the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch can be customised by picking your own Watch Face AND Watch Strap from a wide range of designs and colours.

The watch can be used for messaging, showing notifcations from apps on your iPhone like Facebook and Twitter and can even tell you the time! (Obviously..!)

With Apple's new contactless payment method ('Apple Pay') integrated inside, you'll be able to pay for your McDonalds Drive Thru without even reaching for your wallet! Not so great if you're on a diet.

The new device also carries 'Health' and 'Navigation' apps to monitor your fitness, daily movement and heart rate and give you directions to your destination.

It's available from Early 2015 and Apple CEO Tim Cook says it's "Worth The Wait"...