10 AMAZING One Direction songs you've never heard

They may be the biggest band in the world but half the population are still in denial about just HOW GOOD One Direction are.

Of course, you'll have heard all of the boy's singles on TV/Radio approximately 6746359 times, but If you're still not convinced, here's ten One Direction tracks that will push you into the wonderful, crazy, sometimes-illogical world of the 'DIRECTIONERS'!

Tell whoever you live with that you're going to tidy the wardrobe or pick the fluff out of the carpet...(something that will stop them wanting to come anywhere near you) and turn these bad boys UP!


1 - Change Your Ticket
Oh right, so you like cool bands who play guitar and write their own songs (Like The 1975) but you don't like One Direction? Well this is basically The 1975. So it's like, mature and stuff...


2 - Act My Age

"But one of them is Irish and they don't even sing traditional Irish songs!" WRONG. This has Niall's cheesey grin written all over it!


3 - 18

"They're good, but I prefer Ed Sheeran." Well Ed wrote this next track and to be fair to the 1D boys... if you close your eyes, it could almost be him singing it!


4 - Little White Lies

If you think the boy's new tune 'Drag Me Down' is a new sound for them... well, actually it kinda is. BUT the fast verse and then slow drum beat on the chorus of this track is where it all came from!


5 - I Would

Picture the scene: Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl has boyf. Gutted. But they wrote a bloomin' good song about it.


6 - C'mon C'mon

Sorry if we got a bit deep there. Here's a song about a fit girl in a club who Harry wants to dance with. (Ahhh just imagine....!)


7 - Olivia

The lads made every girl called Olivia's dreams come true when they revealed a tune on their album 'Made in the A.M.' called, well 'Olivia'... and good news for the rest of us as it's a HUGE TUNE!





8 - Diana


We've all heard a song about a girl before. Normally they're called something a bit cooler... but Diana is BAE!


9 - Up All Night

When One Direction first signed a record deal after 'X Factor', they were approximately 9 years old so it's no wonder staying up all night was still a privilege.


10 - Don't Forget Where You Belong

Record an album. Tour It. Record new album whilst touring last album. Tour it. Record new album whilst touring last album. REPEAT. 

The boys are always busy... but they're still grounded according to this tune!




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