2 o'Clock Takeover

Weekdays at 2pm we're handing the radio station over to you for The 2 o'Clock Takeover.

We want to hear YOU on Signal 1 and YOUR mentions in between More of The Music You Love. 

You can leave your shout out by contacting us via our App on an Apple phone or you can record a message on your phone and upload it below.

Just tell us WHO you are, WHERE you are and leave YOUR shout out!

It could be a work place shout, a Happy Birthday or you doing your best Signal 1 presenter impression.

For example... 'Hi I'm Gemma on The 2'oClock takeover on Signal 1', 'Hey I'm Leon from Crewe, I'm listening to Signal 1 and I'd love to have a shout out for all my friends at work especially Neil who's just become a dad - congratulations!'

The 2 o'Clock Takeover runs Monday to Friday for 1 hour from 2pm
Calls recorded or messages left are likely to be aired, they may be edited and may not be broadcast on the same day as uploaded.


Cover art for If The World Was Ending

On Air

Dan Kelly playing J.p Saxe / Julia Michaels - If The World Was Ending