Sport rich list revealed

The top 20 British & Irish sport rich list was revealed this week and a plethora of Premier League talent have made the cut.

Wayne Rooney comes in at second and is the highest paid Premier League footballer while Man City dominate the list with a total of 6 players featured. This comes as little surprise however with the club second only to Man Utd in terms of their annual wage bill, spending over £200m a year.

1. Lewis Hamilton: £88m
2. Wayne Rooney: £72m
3. Andy Murray: £48m
4. Luol Deng: £40m
5. Rory McIlroy: £38m
6= Sergio Aguero: £26m
6= David Silva: £26m
8. Cesc Fabregas: £23m
9. Gareth Bale: £21m
10. Radamel Falcao: £20m
11. Amir Kahn: £18m
12= Edin Dzeko: £17m
12= Samir Nasri: £17m
14= Theo Walcott: £13m
14= Ashley Young: £13m
16= Eden Hazard: £12m
16= Vincent Kompany: £12m
16= James Milner: £12m
16= Mesut Ozil: £12m

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