Fantasy Football 2015


Here is your opportunity to compete with and against the Signal Radio presenters, staff and other listeners throughout Staffordshire & Cheshire in our very own Fantasy Football League.

It is completely free to enter, so why not take on the professionals and see how good you really are?

To register, go to http://fantasy.premierleague.com/, click on register and fill in the requested details. Once this is done, you can log in, using your email address and password and begin to select your squad.

How to pick your squad

You have £100.0m to spend on a squad of 15 players, with no more than 3 players from any single team.

Add a player to your squad by clicking on their name in the list on the right of the page.

Use the player filters to view different players and narrow your search.

Selecting Your Initial Squad

To join the game, select a fantasy football squad of 15 players, consisting of:

2 Goalkeepers

5 Defenders

5 Midfielders

3 Forwards


The total value of your initial squad must not exceed £100 million.

Players per team

You can select up to 3 players from a single Barclays Premier League team.

Once you have selected your squad, select Create or join leagues, then Join a League, then Private League, you will then be prompted to enter a code - enter 686345-377556, and get ready to compete.

We will be featuring teams on air on a regular basis so make sure you get a funny name too!

Choosing Your Starting 11

From your 15 player squad, select 11 players by the Gameweek deadline to form your team.

All your points for the Gameweek will be scored by these 11 players, however if one or more doesn't play they may be automatically substituted.

Your team can play in any formation providing that 1 goalkeeper, at least 3 defenders and at least 1 forward are selected at all times.

Selecting a Captain and a Vice-Captain

From your starting 11 you nominate a captain and a vice-captain. Your captain's score will be doubled.

If your captain plays 0 minutes in the Gameweek, the captain will be changed to the vice-captain.

If both captain and vice-captain play 0 minutes in a Gameweek, then no player's score will be doubled.

Prioritising Your Bench For Automatic Substitutions

Your substitutes provide cover for unforeseen events like injuries and postponements by automatically replacing starting players who don't play in a 


Based on the priorities you assign, automatic substitutions are processed at the end of the Gameweek as follows:

If your Goalkeeper plays 0 minutes in the Gameweek, he will be substituted by your replacement Goalkeeper, if he played in the Gameweek.

If any of your outfield players play 0 minutes in the Gameweek, they will be substituted by the highest priority outfield substitute who played in the Gameweek and doesn't break the formation rules (eg. If your starting team has 3 defenders, a defender can only be replaced by another defender).


During the season, your fantasy football players will be allocated points based on their performance in the Barclays Premier League.