Easy Guide to Stop Motion Animation

Whether you are a technophobe or not, we actually think it's pretty easy to make your own stop motion animation movie.  

If you've got an Android or an iPhone then you can create something impressive and it's a fun memory for the kids during lockdown. 


There are lots of free apps out there to choose from.  Here are a couple of our favourites.

Stop Motion Studio is available on both Android and iPhone 

iMotion is available on iPhone and it's the one we used for our 80s themed video.


You will need something to keep your phone/camera steady to keep the continuity during your video.  We recommend a tripod or bracket.  You can pick these up relatively cheap online.  As long as you can keep your phone steady and in the same place then you can always create a makeshift stand. 


You can make a story out of anything.  Getting the kids to use their toys and come up with new ideas is lots of fun and gets their brains working.  

We have LOTS of 80's toys in our house so that was how we came up with our theme. 

Lego is GREAT to use as you can take the people apart to make them look like they are disappearing. 


As you can see we have 2 sizes of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.  In the video it makes it look as if he has shrunk and has been sucked in to the 'ghost trap'. 


Once you have all of your equipment, story, props etc in place then you are ready to start your amazing creation. 

There are lots of different ways to use these apps and the way we used ours was by taking all of the images first and THEN importing them in to the app and let it do its magic. 

Using our tripod we set up the main shot.  This keeps the continuity during the movie so the background etc stays in the same place.

Move your props a small amount at a time and take a photo each time.  Make sure your hand, hair, child's head etc isn't in the way of the shot.  It literally is as easy as that.  Take a photo, move your prop a small amount, take a photo, move your prop and so on. (see image).

Once we had taken all of our shots (181 in total) we imported the images in to app iMotion. Remember to import in the correct order!  

It then gave us the option to add music, control the speed and delete any frames that didn't work. 


Once we were happy with it we exported it to our Photo Library and that was it! 

Hope this helps and you have lots of fun! Love Siany x

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