About Siâny

My favourite place to go out is ....  cinema or Wagamama's or just anywhere with Mexican or Japanese food.

My worst nightmare is .... messaging the WRONG person with something not for their eyes!

If I could have any guest on my show it would be .... EASY Hollywood actor Will Ferrell (I totally have a weird crush on him) plus he is super funny!

My biggest guilty pleasure .... people watching! It's the best.

My favourite holiday destination is .... New York anytime of the year but Christmas is super special or anytime you can catch a basketball game in Madison Square Garden. Go Knicks!

If I hadn’t been on the radio I would have been a .... Photographer or something to do with cooking ... OK eating then!!  Can you be a professional BBQ'er? 

My kids and I love being creative.  We taught ourselves stop motion animation.  Here's some tips on how to do it yourself CLICK HERE >>> 


Cover art for Use Somebody

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John Isherwood playing Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody