Zara Larsson spills the tea on her upcoming album

Swedish pop princess Zara Larsson has just released her new single 'Love Me Land', but she still has MORE new music in the pipeline! Speaking to Jordan Lee on the Evening Show, Zara revealed that she intends to release her next album very soon!

"It's pretty much done!" Zara confirmed, "We've starting sending songs off for mixing, we've done the cover, we've done all the details with the visuals. I feel like it really is coming along in a great way.

"I just have to make my mind up, whether I want a 10-track, 12, or 14," she continued.

Zara went on to reveal that despite not deciding on the number of tracks yet, there will definitely be a deluxe version of the album.

"The deluxe is definitely coming, it's a good way of doing it, we'll see. There's so much good stuff to choose from."

The 'Lush Life' singer went on to reveal that she wants it to be a body of work, not just a collection of songs, however she also admitted, "It's just pop, you know what I mean? Don't over think it, it's pop and I just want bops and bangers, those are the key words for my album."

When Jordan suggested 'Bops and Bangers' as the name for the new album, Zara said, "I mean, I don't even hate that!"

Continuing to tease more info on her upcoming album, Zara revealed that it could be out after the summer. Explaining the idea is to have 'Love Me Land' out for a bit, before releasing another single, and then, "maybe a focus track at the same time as the album.

"But I would say after summer for sure, so very soon."

Zara also spilled the tea on her new song 'Love Me Land' and the amazing video which shows off her fantastic dance moves.

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