About Chris

Hi I'm Chris I was born into the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas of the north Blackpool!!!!

I spent most of my school days stood in the corridor after being sent out of lessons for bad behavior, my favorite quote from my final school report is " Chris likes playing with fire but its never his fault when his fingers get burned". !!! OH The cheek of it!!

Following School I went to college, After two years of sitting around drinking coffee in the canteen I found out where they kept the headed paper and printed out a couple of A-levels they came really in handy for getting jobs until I lost them.

Having been left £1000 pounds by a mystery benefactor I decided to set up my own business giving Donkey rides on Blackpool beach!! After only six days of trading disaster struck and during a stormy night in 2008 all my Donkeys escaped and made a break for freedom. Feeling down on my luck I collected all my worldly goods and headed for the train station to go to London to seek fame and fortune. Unfortunately the train broke down in Stoke-On-Trent, I stumbled through the door at Signal 1 seeking shelter from the cold and I have been hanging around ever since.

When I am not on air I enjoy running and have completed the London Marathon 4 times with a personal best time of 3.43 (I could not walk for a week after that!!).

Finally my claim to fame........ On a night in Hanley I bumped into Rebecca Loo's we swapped phone numbers she called and text me the next day!!!! But what did she say???? Well I think I will save that for the Sunday Papers.