'Super Rats' could actually be a thing...

A town in Wiltshire appears to be facing a terrifying invasion of mutant rodents after pest controllers discovered a 20 inch rat.

Exterminators have warned that a legion of poison-resistant super rats could be set to descend on Swindon after the abnormally large creature was found in the town.

The super rat, which is the biggest on record for the town, was found by local pest controller Justin Holloway.

Speaking to the Swindon Advertiser, he said:  ‘One particular strain of rats were not so susceptible to rodenticides or the anti-coagulants served and, as a percentage of the total rat population, they become greater over time.

‘As far as resistance is concerned, it is a growing issue and over a period of time I expect this to be a greater problem than it currently is, but establishing a timeframe is harder.

‘The implication is if you are a rat and you’re not being taken on, you might enjoy a longer life and grow to a larger size, because you are not being taken down.

‘If there’s a good source of food and water it becomes a larger rat.’

The ‘super rats’ are so named because of a genetic mutation responsible for creating a resistance to rodenticides.