Someone's finally invented a vodka that doesn't give you a hangover!!

A professor of bioengineering from Iowa State University has managed to create a type of vodka that won't leave you will a terrible hangover.

Johannes Van Leeuwen, the man who's responsible for this genius creation known as IngeniOz, is a 100% pure vodka drink brewed at the Iowa Distilling Company. It's just started to reach shelves across the USA so it might be a little while before we see hangover free Sundays over here in the UK.

The drink, which uses Iowa corn, states there are less impurities than in other brands, making it easier to drink, a higher quality and less likely to give you a stonking hangover. A

pparently, Smirnoff has eight impurities, Absolut has 16 and Grey Goose has 14. Who knew?