Guy who HATES food, lives off a kilo of Marmite each month!

Marmite famously divides opinion but for one man it’s a life saver.

Fussy eater John Pearson has to top up his vitamin intake by eating at least a kilo of the yeast extract a month.

The self-confessed food hater survives on Marmite sandwiches and toast claims the condiment is the only reason he stays healthy.

‘Marmite has been my life-saver. I hate food. I don’t eat for pleasure, only because I’m hungry. I eat to stay alive,’ said the 48-year-old engineer.



John’s kitchen cupboards are virtually empty and he only keeps butter, cheese and milk in his fridge.

There is only bread in his freezer and his cupboards are home to his beloved Marmite and a couple of boxes of cereal.

‘I go to the supermarket and buy everything I need for the week and it costs me about £10.