Andy has been working in the industry for too many years that he cares to remember. Now aged 43, he started playing songs on the radio when he was 16.  This pic is from when Andy was 21 and colourful denim jackets were the fashion.

Andy is our ‘stand-by’ guy. When one of your favourite Signal presenters is away he keeps things ticking over.


Favourite cheese: The pop music variety.

Favourite pop star ever: Michael Jackson or Madonna.

Favourite city: New York.

Hates: The word literally - literally.

Loves: earwigging people’s conversations on the number 3 bus to Kidsgrove. It’s amazing the stuff you hear.

The past: Not worth worrying about.

The present: I’m probably playing songs for you right now.

The future? Write a book. Probably quite revealing. People should be worried! Haha.

I often say: The diet can start on Monday.