The Hoff ties the knot for a third time

David Hasselhoff has married his Welsh girlfriend of seven years.

The 66-year-old Baywatch star tied the knot with former sales-assistant Hayley Roberts, 38, in Italy.

The couple first met in Cardiff when Hasselhoff was a judge on Britain's Got Talent and Roberts asked for his autograph.

He responded by asking for her phone number.

After dating for five years, the ex-Knight Rider star proposed to Roberts during a picnic on the beach.

The Hoff's two daughters Taylor Ann, 28, and Hayley, 25, were both at the ceremony to support their father.

Hasselhoff previously told Hello! magazine: "I had a saying 'you don't get married because you want to live with someone, you get married because you can't live without them'.

"I felt that way. I knew that I was really unhappy without her. I waited to propose because I thought I was too old for her."

Addressing the age gap, Ms Roberts has previously said: "I don't want to miss out on being with someone I love because of what might happen down the line."

Hasselhoff has been married twice before, firstly to actresses Catherine Hickland and then to Pamela Bach, with whom he shares his daughters.

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