Does Beyoncé have a documentary and new music planned?

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Rumours have surfaced that Beyoncé Knowles-Carter reportedly has a Netflix documentary in the works, as well as Greatest Hits album.

Music blog Pop Crave say that the star is working on a few new songs that are to be added to the 'greatest hits' album, as well as reporting that the Netflix documentary will revolve around the 37-year-old's legendary Coachella performance in 2018.

A source told Us, "Beyoncé doesn’t have a new full album," but she is recording a “couple of new tracks for a deluxe album filled with old songs.”

According to Pop Crave, however, fans are fearing that the release of a 'greatest hits' album marks the end of Beyoncé's music making, with one fan tweeting, 'I’m telling you right now...Beyoncé is about to give us one last album and retire! saves tweet for later' 

It's set to be quite the year for the singer, being cast in the 2019 live-action version of The Lion King as the role of the older version of Nala. The live-action reboot will also feature the voices of stars such as with Donald Glover (as Simba), Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Scar) and John Kani (as Rafiki).

As of yet, we've no official release date, and with Bey's track record of surprising us with new releases, who's to say we will ever get one!

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