Beyonce and Jay Z Named Their Twins

Beyonce and Jay Z have named their newborn twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ reports the American power couple have filed documents to trademark the names for a wide range of commercial products such as fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings and water bottles.

The Sun Online has contacted representatives for Beyonce and Jay Z for comment.

The pair are currently renting a stunning 10 bedroom waterfront mansion in Malibu to raise their twins.

Worth a whopping £42.8 million, the mansion in Malibu will give the twins, and daughter Blue Ivy, five, a perfect family home.

The property boasts 14 bathrooms and a 25 foot infinity pool which overlooks the ocean.

It costs the superstar £314,500 a month to rent the mansion, called La Villa Contenta, and according to reports and will reside there until the end of August.

As well as the many rooms of the house, there is 6.3 acres of grounds including a rose garden with more than 1,000 flower bushes and a landscaped desert area, plus a tennis court complete with viewing deck.

There is also a pool house, a large office building and a staff housing complex on site, so the new mum has plenty of options of accommodation for any help she might require.

The property listing also states the interiors feature 18th century chandeliers carved from amethyst and rock crystal as well as ornate fire places and marble detailing.

The news of the family’s new homes comes after it was reported by TMZ the couple welcomed their twins prematurely.

A source told the gossip site the superstar singer did not carry out her pregnancy to full-term and so the newborn babies were being kept “under the lights”.

Bili lights is a form of phototherapy which is designed to eliminate high levels of bilirubin in the blood.

This could mean the twins had jaundice – a term used to describe the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes.

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